Outstanding advantages of friction material products


   1. suitable and steady coefficient of friction

   Friction coefficient is one of the most important performance indexes of any kind of friction material. It is related to the performance of the drive and brake of the friction plate. Our company in friction materials by adding high temperature friction modifier filler, to reduce and overcome the "thermal recession", to ensure that products have a stable coefficient of friction.

   2, good wear resistance

   The wear resistance of friction material is the reflection of its service life, and it is also an important technical and economic index to measure the durability of friction materials. The better the wear resistance, the longer it will last. Our company selects suitable antifriction filler and heat-resistant resin, which can effectively reduce the wear and tear of materials, especially thermal wear, and prolong its service life. Conformance: standard requirements for ZP3-2 in GB/T11834-2000.

   3 ,has good mechanical strength and physical properties

   Before assembling, the friction material must be machined by drilling, riveting and assembling, so that the brake assembly or clutch assembly can be made. In the process of friction work, the friction material should bear higher pressure and shearing force besides the high temperature. Therefore, friction materials must be of sufficient mechanical strength to ensure that no damage or fragmentation occurs during processing or use. Clutch plate is required to have enough impact strength, static bending strength, maximum strain value and rotation failure strength, in order to ensure the clutch plate in high speed rotating work condition does not rupture. Our company adopts special fiber reinforced material as the substrate, it gives the friction products enough mechanical strength, impact force, due to brake and transmission process of grinding and riveting load force which can withstand the friction in the process of production and use of shear stress, pressure.http://www.shinehe.com/