Mechanical lock purchase tips


    In recent years, although the smart electronic lock seems to be more prominent, the rapid development, but the mechanical lock is still the mainstream of the lock at this stage. Mechanical lock is a kind of electronic device without a large number of high-reliability full-mechanical lock, is now the most people touch the lock.
Look at the material and the key
Optional with a quiet work fine brass lock. The most widely used, good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and processing performance are good, bright color, the surface is smooth, good density, no porosity, trachoma. From the key shape, the "pit" shaped key trifles than the "tooth" shaped key safety is higher; the more key tooth flower, the greater the difference, the lower the mutual lock rate.
    Look at features and packaging
   Check if the product function is reliable and flexible. Must use all the keys on the inside and outside the lock test switch. Should also check the product insurance, it is recommended that each lock at least more than three times. Check the purchased product packaging logo, logo is complete (including the implementation of the product standards, grades, manufacturer's name, address, production date) whether the package is firm, the contents of the specification and product is consistent.
   Look at the surface treatment
   This step is actually a double test of the quality and appearance of locks. Surface treatment is roughly divided into three kinds of electroplating, spraying and coloring, the lock through the surface treatment to form a dense protective film on the product surface, play a role in preservative and rust-proof, so lock more beautiful and durable.

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