It is Necessary to Use a Disposable Needle


With the rapid development of social reform and opening up, one-time items have also been used by more and more people. Among them, such as: disposable needles, insoles, not only a lot of use, and people on its quality and role also have a new understanding, which operates and gave birth to a one-time supplies this emerging industry. In fact, as early as the 19th century, the European countries of the disposable supplies industry has started to develop, to the mid-19th century, one-time development of the supplies have been flourishing.

Although disposable consumer goods cause serious pollution to the environment. After the use of disposable supplies were random, anywhere abandoned the phenomenon of serious harm to the environment can not be ignored: one-time items for plastic products, due to difficult to degrade and bring a heavy burden on the environment. More importantly, the production of disposable supplies will lead to waste of resources.

But one-time medical supplies is indispensable to us, once a disposable needle. The use of disposable needles can avoid the repeated use of medical devices caused by nosocomial infection, and the use of disposable medical supplies to promote the role of the national economy. The use of disposable medical supplies can prevent the occurrence of cross-infection in the hospital, in particular the prevention of some blood or injection of the spread of the disease. Such as AIDS, hepatitis B and other diseases. The use of disposable needles can reduce the labor intensity of medical workers, reduce the number of procedures for the disinfection of medical supplies, easy to use, safe, no heat source.

In addition, the disposable needle is generally in accordance with national standards for strict disinfection, the use of disposable syringes can reduce or even eliminate the syringe disinfection is not strict and the occurrence of abscess. But should pay attention to the disposable needle in the use of finished, must be disinfected, destroyed shape.