Improve the medical equipment maintenance, maintenance management significance


1) to effectively reduce the equipment failure period and failure period failure rate, reduce maintenance workload, thereby reducing the maintenance costs in operation, and reduce the failure caused by downtime, play a preventive role.
2) effectively extend the occasional failure period, that is, to extend the service life of equipment.
3) to improve the safety and quality of equipment applications to ensure the safety of patients and the use of personnel.
4) to ensure that the equipment is in the best working condition, improve the equipment in good condition, to maximize its effectiveness.
5) to reduce the use of the wrong operation of the staff, and timely collection of equipment in the use of feedback, to strengthen the quality of clinical equipment. Through the PM collection of feedback information, you can improve the reliability and practicality of the optional equipment. As one of the methods of on-the-job training for medical engineering personnel, PM has improved the technical quality of medical engineering staff and promoted the sustainable development of hospital construction in personnel training.
6) If managers, technicians, maintenance personnel and operators are still working at the old level, they will cause improper use of medical equipment and improper maintenance, resulting in frequent failures, increased repair time, delayed patient inspection, and May lead to the outflow of patients, the reduction of social benefits, and ultimately affect the development of the entire hospital.log on to our official website for more details :