Differences between metal and composite sealing materials?


Metal data is a general term of metal elements or metal elements. The composite data is composed of two or more than two kinds of data, through physical or chemical methods, in the micro (micro) to form new properties of information, also known as non-metallic sealing materials.
The sealing materials can be classified as non metal sealing gasket material products, and in the fastening effect, have the service with different degree, and easy to compensate appearance unevenness and external stress fluctuation. In fact, it will eventually come to the point that it is necessary to select a more durable sealing material for the sealing material, because the working condition is too bad or the installation stress exceeds its limit.
The use of metal sealing materials instead of non metal sealing material in what situation, this point is not the exact boundary. And in the choice of non-metallic sealing materials may be more reasonable time, but choose the metal seal data is also a common thing. The semi metallic gasket is a composite structure, in which the common properties of each component are well developed.