China's medical equipment in the market steadily


"Made in China 2025" made to the Chinese pharmaceutical equipment industry put forward higher requirements and bring a broader development prospects. In recent years, China's pharmaceutical equipment industry continues to grow and develop, independent research and development capabilities continue to improve. It is understood that the "second five" since the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and other sectors of the medical device industry will be included in the strategic focus of China's scientific and technological development. Under the guidance of national policy, China's medical equipment innovation ability from weak to strong, key technology areas continue to make breakthroughs, the equipment industry to achieve a small change from small to large, especially China's advanced medical device key product development to achieve a great breakthrough. Exports accounted for year by year to expand.
In recent years, the rapid development of domestic advanced medical equipment industry, some of the technical standards of products with the world, even higher than the level of the world's developed countries to achieve a domestic medical equipment from imitation to imitation, and then to independent research and innovation changes. Anke, Mindray, opened and other ethnic enterprises in the international arena on a firm foothold, and its products and technology in the international market competition gradually occupy a favorable position, breaking the international manufacturers for decades of monopoly, reducing the entire industry The cost of technology.
At present, China's medical device industry independent innovation brands are concentrated in the low-end product market, but the core technology independent research and development capabilities are gradually breaking through the key components dependent on foreign imports have changed the situation, innovation capacity continues to increase. The domestic medical device industry increasingly focus on intellectual property protection and increase R & D investment, designed to enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry.
In the industrial era of 4.0, intelligent factories, intelligent production is the development trend. Intelligent production systems and process control in the East Fulong every production line mature application, the future East Fulong more hope to achieve drug production quality management practices (GMP) system "people, machine, material, law, test, ring" Integrated implementation, as the world's "wisdom pharmaceutical delivery."
With the internationalization of China's medical device industry to accelerate the process, medical equipment business design, development, manufacturing and services to the international advanced level, high-end medical equipment is expected to gradually enter the global market.log on to our official website for more details :