Brief Introduction of Endoscope Parts


In recent years, endoscopy, treatment equipment and personnel continue to spread, the resulting hospital infection to pay attention to, so endoscope parts disinfection more and more attention, need to find an effective endoscopic disinfection Bacteria method to prevent cross-infection in the hospital. "Disinfection technical specifications" provides: biopsy forceps is a direct operation of the body mucosal tissue endoscopic attachment, to be required to achieve sterilization standards. Xu scholars committed to endoscopy and biopsy forceps sterilization research, but did not find the biopsy forceps disinfection is not complete reason, so the disinfection effect is not obvious. If you use a disposable biopsy forceps, you can completely eliminate the possibility of cross infection.

The dirt in the biopsy forceps can not use the tactical action to drain the effluent. Disinfection work is only on the surface of the biopsy clamp cleaning and disinfection, and hidden in the sheath of the dirt can not be disinfected, resulting in biopsy forceps disinfection is not complete. In the experiment, the disinfectant biopsy clamp was removed and suspended vertically. After a few minutes, the mucus was drained at the lower end of the biopsy forceps, and a large number of bacteria were cultured, further confirming that the biopsy liquid.

Vertical suspension immersion method of vertical suspension immersion disinfection, will use the biopsy forceps after the initial cleaning vertical suspension soaked in 2% of the formaldehyde solution, the use of gravity will be into the intrathecal secretions drainage, disinfection and sterilization. In addition, due to the disinfection of the time difference, it should be the difference in the results of the disinfection of one of the obvious reasons, suggesting that prolong the disinfection time to improve the importance of disinfection effect. Through bacterial culture observation, disinfectant used 2 weeks after the disinfection effect is still to meet the requirements of sterility. Therefore, the biopsy forceps currently recommended the use of vertical suspension immersion disinfection method.