Auto parts replacement points


First, as far as possible the use of sealant, if necessary, can be used paint substitution, to achieve the desired sealing effect;
Second, rubber seals assembly should be carefully checked before the appearance of quality; use special tools pressure distribution, to avoid beating deformation;
Third, according to the provisions of filling grease, regular cleaning, dredge, vent and one-way valve;
Fourth, in a very clean assembly under the condition of the work surface of the parts without knocking, no scratches, burrs and other attachments;
Fifth, strict operating procedures, seals should be properly installed to prevent deformation in place;
Sixth, grasp the seal performance specifications and use requirements, timely replacement of failure parts;
Seventh, for the edge cover type thin-walled parts, the use of cold metal plate correction; easy to wear the shaft hole parts can be used metal spray plating, welding repair, adhesive, machining and other processes to achieve the original size;
Eighth, nut sliding wire broken, loose, should be repaired or replaced by new parts, and twist to the specified torque.