Analysis of key points of NC machine tool maintenance


There are many kinds of CNC machining tools, and different types of CNC machines have different characteristics due to their functions, structural systems and systems. The maintenance of the content and rules of maintenance also have their own characteristics, according to the specific types of machines, models and actual usage, and refer to the machine tool instructions, customization and establish the necessary regular maintenance system, grading. Here are some common daily maintenance points.
Maintenance of NC system
(1) strictly abide by the operating rules and routine maintenance system
CNC processing equipment operators should strictly abide by the operating procedures and routine maintenance system, and the technical and professional quality of operators is an important factor affecting the frequency of failure. When the CNC machine tool processing failure, the operator should pay attention to retain the scene, and to the maintenance staff to explain the situation before and after the fault, in order to facilitate the analysis, diagnosis of the cause of the failure, timely elimination.
(2) prevent dust and dirt from entering the inside of the numerical control device
In NC machining workshop in the air will generally have oil mist, dust and metal powder, once the circuit board or electronic devices they fall within the NC system, easily lead to decreased insulation resistance between components, components and even lead to the damage of circuit board. Some users in the summer to make the CNC system can overload long metal parts processing, adopt CNC cabinet door open to heat, this is not a good way, which will eventually lead to the acceleration of CNC system damage, should minimize the open numerical control cabinet and electric cabinet door.