Advantages of advanced locks


  Lock the emergence of a serious impact on people's quality of life, for the safety of home, to buy high technology content, good reputation, has adopted high-tech super lock security door. There are locks to use the lock lock multi-insurance function of the anti-theft lock, indoor and outdoor can be opened or locked.
Professionals and professional institutions will be divided into three levels of security door: the lock protection level of ordinary protection level, and high protection level two. Ordinary level anti-theft lock anti-destructive opening time of not less than fifteen minutes, anti-technical opening time of not less than one minute is qualified; high-level anti-theft lock anti-destructive opening time of 30 minutes, technical open time is not less than five minutes. By comparison we can see that the safety of super locks than ordinary locks, so the choice of high-level locks can guarantee the safety of the family.
Note: According to the national "security door security technical conditions" provides that anti-theft lock must have anti-drilling, anti-saw, anti-shock, anti-technical open function, security door installed on the lock should be the minimum anti-theft lock technical requirements.